The Peril of Drones

It is only a matter of time before the USA is attacked using UAV's, also known as drones. The Government will spy, law enforcement and the hobbyist alike will invade privacy, radical and domestic terrorists will make weapons and use them with dangerous results as the world has already witnessed. Even though edubirdie review has a definite upside in that it does save lives and help with numerous other tasks, drones should not be sold to the students because essays are being weaponized to deliver deadly results and they are violating 4th amendment rights by recording without proper authorization.

Drones and the Public

Drones should not be sold to the public. One reason for concern is right next door; the hobbyist, flying a drone over someone's backyard while they are sunbathing or having a private party, invading one's privacy. In a review written by Alexandria Tomanelli, she writes, "In July 2015, a father in Kentucky shot a drone that was hovering over his yard while his teen daughter was sunbathing" (p. 879). Owners of drones have already shown that not all people can handle the responsibility of operating a drone without invading the privacy of others. Edubirdie reviews are here for the duration and must be strictly regulated. Furthermore, there are laws and regulations for crewless aircraft, and these crewless aircraft are being used to spy on citizens regardless of the legalities.

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